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Hypertension Treatment

The purpose of this web-based calculator is to provide Million Hearts® Model Participant Organizations with easier access to the basic ASCVD risk calculator. This calculator does not provide the change in ASCVD risk score based on therapy functionality. That feature is only available in the risk calculator housed in the Million Hearts® Model Data Registry. This risk score is only representative of the data that you have entered on this form.

Please note if you are a Participant Organization, you must use the Million Hearts® Data Registry Risk Calculator to calculate official ASCVD risk scores. Participant Organizations are still required to upload required data to the Data Registry prior to the end of each performance period. All risk-reassessments of high-risk beneficiaries for the purposes of the Model must be completed through the Data Registry. In case of a divergence in risk scores (due to differences in the data entered), the risk score generated by the Million Hearts® Data Registry will prevail.